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Toil and Trouble

@Courtyard Hoxton

Macbeth Prowl

Expectations: 2/4
Reality Rating: 4/5
Fidget Factor: 0.3

Triumphantly Traditional

The Tragedy of Macbeth explores how the psychological persuades the physical, ambitions get the better of  a decent household and terror breaks out amongst the greats.

Witches drunk with laughter, roll and scream with delirious visions of Macbeth. Fantastically traditional, Prowl Theatre Company present the wicked witches that ‘Double, double toil and trouble’ in a true Shakespearian nature. Three frizzy haired, crazed women cackle and stomp their feet in excitement before settling into stern figures in the presence Macbeth. Ready to plot and scheme.

Macbeth_1Sophie Spreadbury plays the iconic Lady Macbeth with tremendous ingenuity. Initially a soft and personable woman who shows twitches of madness, Spreadbury intensifies Lady Macbeth’s manic and unstable state as she fosters her guilt. A sensational performance, which grasps the audience and provokes empathy for the character. Against this dominant woman, a casual and timid Macbeth is in much need of an injection of passion and drive, falling flat against the strong surrounding cast.

Greta Wray’s performance of both witch and porter are full of life, playfully experimental with her portrayal of the porter, we are enticed by her vivid story telling. When faced with family loss and future threats, Macduff (Harry Belcher) and Malcolm (Tom Child) show an emotionally raw state before embarking on a journey of revenge.

The lighting often over powers the performance, even blinding the audience at points, however Edward Nash’s sound cleverly reflects the themes and boosts dramatic scenes. A wind up music box opens the play, echoing innocence into the space before the witches strip Macbeth of his virtuous nature. Simple yet effective, costumes are ripped and cut to create a battle field, earthy appearance which brings the audience to the Scottish landscape without a set.

Whether witch, king or the brave be your hero – root for them all at Courtyard Hoxton. Enjoy the darker side of Shakespeare with a successfully directed production of Macbeth.

Click for Tix: @Courtyard Hoxton

Time: 1 Hour, 15 Mins
Running:  9 AUG  16 ► 27 Aug 16

♥ Thank you to Prowl Theatre for the invite
♥ Thanks to Greg for a Whirling Witchy illustration


One thought on “Toil and Trouble

  • 16th August 2016 at 5:48 am

    I love it when Shakespeare is done well! If only I was closer to London.


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