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Three’s A Crowd

Bedroom Farce
Alan Ayckbourn
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Expectations: 3/5
Reality Rating: 3/5
Fidget Factor: 0.4

Light Hearted Love

Three Bedrooms, Four Couples. If we use the pizza method of division taught at school, someone is going to have to share. Newly weds, long time weds and those on the road to divorce – Bedroom Farce takes a look at the quaint quips and quirks of relationships.

jan-nick-and-trevor1Delia (Erin Geraghty) and Ernest (Paul Lavers). Married since before they can remember, this couples idea of a naughty night in comes in the form of sardines on toast, in bed. My personal favourites, constantly playing pranks on one another; Malcolm (Chris Aukett) and Kate (Caroline Rodgers) keep love light hearted. Hiding shoes under pillows, chasing each other with shaving foam and building surprise furniture pieces made with love rather than the instructions. It’s unclear as to what keeps Jan (Gemma Oaten) and Nick (Ben Roddy) together, with his moaning and groaning, she’s saintly to stick by him. The catalysts of the evening, terrible Trevor (Mike Denman) and sulky Susannah (Cameron Leigh) cause havoc in every household.

Cameron Leigh once again gives a stellar performance, previously seen in Gordon Craig’s Singing In The Rain where she was ‘wonderfully annoying’, Leigh brings a fabulously miserable character to this production. New to Scatter, Gemma Oaten is an agile actress, spirited yet subtle in her portrayal of Jan. Chris Aukett’s comic timing is impeccable, every grunt and thud is perfectly placed. Aukett successfully creates a character we adore, enabling his moments of rage to bring laughter to the audience instead of unease.

Alan Ayckbourn depicts some worryingly accurate and hilarious traits in our relationships through his writing. However, written and set in 1975, the style of the play does feel a little out of date. As much as we love the bell bottomed trousers and retro decor, the remarks on homosexuality are not malcolmkate1relative to a modern day audience.

Director, Catherine Lomax has cracked the meaning of farce for this production (may have something to do with her training under Alan Ayckbourn at the Stephen Joseph Theatre). Full of buffoonery but not too heavy with slapstick, the comedy of Bedroom Farce is held in the timing and absurdity.

Snuggle down at the Gordon Craig for a night out where you don’t even have to leave the bedroom(s). On for just a short run, Bedroom Farce is a good giggle with your girls and guys.

Click for Tix: @Gordon Craig
Time:  2 Hours 15 Minutes
Running:  5 OCT 16 – 8 OCT 16

♥ Thank you to Connor Blackwell and Theatre Bloggers for the invite
♥ Illustration to come…

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