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Powerful Short Plays from a Selection of New Writers

In under 5 months Bigger Fish Theatre have formed a theatre company, produced a night of original short plays at the Telegraph Hill festival in March and now bring a new selection of writing to London. A small selection of seven plays made it into Short Stuff Two at Theatre 503, after the team read over 200 submissions from around the world.

ShortStuff2AThe evening held a refreshing set of topics, against the political debates usually displayed during a night of new writing. Feminism through the eyes of a traveller girl, forbidden fruits in the literal sense and a closet transvestite’s uncovering.

The Craft by Andrew Biss had the entire audience in fits of giggles as two actors delivered their real thoughts whilst being on stage. Actors of any age can relate to Biss’ hilarious quips about moody, handsome facial expressions when delivering monologues, the stunned look of forgetting lines and not giving a damn or even the awkward stage kiss with your behind the scenes enemy. Janice Hallett’s creation, Bylines, is a cleverly constructed play within a play about two co-writers who batte to beat each other but can’t write without one another. A brilliant concept which works well under the direction of Bridie Donaghy. Fran Bushe’s Ofwed offers a view in to what life would be like if our whole lives were examined, with a pass or fail. A great way to share a view on our current schooling system and the pressures from society.

ShortStuff2BBigger Fish brought together a diverse cast of 16 actors to perform the new writing. Jay Mailer performed with impeccable comic timing, his character larger than life in Biss’ The Craft. Isabella Laughland (previously seen in BU21) gives another passionate performance in Ruby Thomas’ Dummies. Hannah Edgar took the audience straight back to school with her performance of Paige in Micah Smith’s Mad Queen’s Chess. Edgar’s portrayal of a young teen with oodles of attitude brilliantly mirrored the behaviours of the disruptive kids from school, a powerful contrast to the sensitive, lost young girl that’s discovering feminism and a lack of freedom from a culture and community she’s always known.

Bigger Fish have found an incredible set of writers and given them a platform to show off their latest work. Follow Bigger Fish on Twitter or Facebook to track down their next event.

Click for Tix:@Theatre503

Time: 120 Minutes inc a small interval
Running:  JUN 17

♥ Thank you to Alasdair Melrose for the invite


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