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Speak Up

Can you Hear Me Running
Louise Breckon-Richards


Expectations: 3/5
Reality Rating: 3/5
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Speak Up Without A Voice

Can You Hear Me Running asks, ‘do we hold memories in our voices’, an interesting idea explored by Jo Harper (writer) and Louise Breckon-Richards (actor/co-creator) during this production. This tale is a lesson on the stresses we put our voices through, and recognises how much we take them for granted. After an operation, Lou is unable to speak for seven days, feeling her right to express has been taken away. Forced to communicate with her children through pen and paper, silence becomes frustrating and painful. can-you-hear-me-running-louise-breckon-richards-courtesy-of-graham-saville-2Running becomes a route to freedom, no need for a voice out on the road.

Louise Breckon-Richards gives a detailed encounter of how she lost her voice, performing snippets from the multiple people who helped her recover. Doctors, therapists, practitioners and teachers all offer advice during Lou’s vocal marathon. Those who’ve auditioned for parts big and small, will relate to the mimics of casting directors and eccentric personalities from the arts industry. Breckon-Richards softly delivers a kaleidoscope of emotions from her real life experience, from moments of frustration to pure love.

can-you-hear-me-running-dan-glover-courtesy-of-graham-saville-1Musical supervisor and composer for this production, Dan Glover, accompanies Breckon-Richards throughout the performance. Cleverly mixing musical tracks together on the piano and adding tension to the performance with musical phrases. Not the traditional playlist for a runner, songs from Mumma Mia and Les Miserables make up Lou’s motivational running musical mix.

Can You Hear Me Running discovers how stumbling upon new directions can be liberating when our previous paths have changed. Discover this production at the Pleasance Theatre.

Click for Tix: @Pleasance

▦ Photos – Courtesy of Graham Saville

Time:  70 Minutes
Running:  4 SEP 16 – 23 OCT 16

♥ Thank you to Tilly Wilson @ChloeNelkin for the invite


One thought on “Speak Up

  • 18th October 2016 at 9:03 pm

    I lost my voice as an actor, it was horrifying. It’s not easy to realise just how much it effects you until it happens. Cool way to express your feelings through a solo piece – (Y)


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