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Blind Man’s Song
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Expectations: 4/5
Reality Rating: 5/5
Fidget Factor: 0

One Man’s Journey, One Thousand Adventures

Theatre Re explore the most important relationship we have; the one with ourselves. A strong and beautifully produced set of music by Alex Judd guides us through the colourful imaginings of a blind man.

Blind Man's Song, courtesy Richard Davenport 36There will be thousands of different interpretations of this single piece of physical theatre. After show deliberations are sure to be struck. I offer a single perception, my own take on things. This production takes us on a journey of one lonely soul. A gentleman feeling lost in his surroundings creates a world of comfort; forming fantasies of desirous romance and escaping reality through thrilling adventures. The zing and zest of the two characters envisioned is sensational, performed with complete conviction by Guillaume Pigé and Selma Roth. At times my breath quivered lightly at the back of my throat and my eyes twitched with a chest full of desire as I gazed upon their enchanting, explosive amour.

Blind Man's Song, Edinburgh Fringe 2015, courtesy Francois Verbeek 8Each element of this production has been given heartfelt attention. The lighting, designed by Katherine Graham, dances upon the performance artists. Simple yet striking props from Malik Ibheis act as a third member for the imagined duo, creating hiding spaces, love nests and a separating void. These factors along with Judd’s live music make this one hell of an engaging production.

There are several magical moments within the piece. When Roth’s character disappears under the bed and reappears over by the piano, many of the audience were left perplexed. Beyond illusions, the whole production has a spellbinding quality – eerie stretches of painfully high pitched music and faceless characters twirling into the dark.

If you fall for this production the same way I did, Theatre Re offer a Skills Development Programme ranging from one off workshops to year-long physical theatre and corporeal mime modules. The prefect opportunity for sprouting theatre companies to advance their style and knowledge on these art forms.

Experience something on top, under and outside the box. Without a single spoken word, Theatre Re expose the fantasies and nightmares of a solo mind with a powerful, inspiring production. Trigger your own imagination and test the whirlwind hour of magic Theatre Re offer.

Click for Tix: @Pleasance

Time: One magical hour
Running:  27 APR 16 ► 15 MAY 16

▦ Photos – Courtesy of Richard Davenport

♥ Thank you to Chloé @Chloe Nelkin for the invite
♥ Thanks to Greg Spong for invisible man


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