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Sizzle with Sadness

Sarah Kosar
@Old Red Lion


Expectations: 3/5
Reality Rating: 3/5
Fidget Factor: 0.4

How would you say goodbye to a loved one?

One should never judge a show by its poster, which is definitely true of Sarah Kosar’s Mumburger. Expecting a kooky, off the wall play with a burger puppet, turned out to be a much more literal depiction of a ‘Mumburger’.

Mumburger2Tiffany deals with the death of her mother through To Do Lists, a more proactive approach than her father who choses to ignore the details and concentrate on his grief. This duo are faced with an unusual request from their loved one; as a die hard vegan, only eating dead pets and road kill,  Tiffany’s mother requests her family to partake in a‘digestive memorial’. A request to stay with them forever, by asking them to eat her, in the form of a burger.

Beyond the bizarre main topic, Mumburger explores family relationships, grief and the impact of social media. It becomes quite a heavy piece and would benefit from more comedic, lighter energy in parts to make the sad moments more effective.

Mumburger3Downing two diet cokes and stuffing her face full with several burgers throughout the show, Rosie Wyatt’s stomach must be doing backflips during the performance. Burgers are cooked on stage, the smell of cooked meat consumes the space, not a tempting smell but sickening under the circumstances.

Rosie Wyatt’s performance of a grief stricken daughter is convincing, constantly erratic, often taking little gasps of air that get caught in her throat. Although Wyatt breaks her attention from the conversation to the audience throughout the play, which is distracting. Andrew Frame is a dithering dad, natural in conversation but stylised moments feel uncomfortable.

For an experience of the senses, Mumburger is sizzling until 22nd July.

Click for Tix: @Old Red Lion

▦ Photos – Courtesy of Lidia Crisafulli

Time: 80 Minutes
Running:  27 JUN 17► 22 JUL 17

♥ Thank you to Sarah Kosar for the invite
♥ Thanks to Greg for the Death Receipt Illustration


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