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Under The Influence: 90s BritPop
Not Too Tame

Under the Influence

Expectations: 3/5
Reality Rating: 4/5
Fidget Factor: 0.7

Party Like It’s 1999

Scrolling through the ‘Top 35 Things 90s Kids Will Remember’ online, nostalgia has us screeching at the screen ‘I had those’, ‘We didn’t do that, did we?’. Under The Influence: 90s BritPop is a real life version of one of these Facebook posts. Pink bubble chairs, bum bags and Spice Girls platform heels; it’s time to rock some Adidas and a set of space buns. Not Too Tame theatre company have captured the memories of the 90s and bring them flooding back to the audience.

Providing a magical mix of ‘banging tunes’ and brilliant new writing, Not Too Tame deliver the 90s through a bundle of short snippets. In full khaki parker and blue tinted shades, Oasis’ Noah Gallagher comes head to head with Blur’s floppy haired lead singer, Damon Albarn. They have a right barney, and it’s delicious to watch. Via a gameshow, the juxtaposition between a twenty year old in the 90s and now is pure genius, showing the care free ravers who are able to buy there own homes and happy with a job as long as it funds the party, against old before their time bumblers, who have a 12 year plan set out in the hope they can get a 5% mortgage on a shoe box flat. It’s not just the best parts of the 90s this group explores, they also touch on politics and war.

Not Too Tame firmly believe that ‘Theatre is for All’ and have created this immersive piece with the aim to engage those who feel theatre isn’t for them. Performing in the Roundabout at the Edfringe, this production could also work in pubs, village halls or even in an outside space. Everyone is invited to the party and will be able to relate at least part of the performance.

Join the party on it’s next stop with Not Too Tame‘s, Under The Influence: 90s BritPop.

Click for Tix: @Roundabout

Time: 1 Hour
Running:  21 Aug 17 ONLY

♥ Thanks to Greg for 90’s Adidas Illustration

90s Brit Pop

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