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Poetic Points of You

The We Plays
Andrew Maddock


Expectations: 3/5
Reality Rating: 3/5
Fidget Factor: 0.4

Poetic Points of  You

Cyprus Sunset and Irn Pru, a double bill of solo performances that discover and explore the paths to parenthood. Written in rhyme, Andrew Maddock’s way with words sets the foundations for these inspirational and emotional pieces.

Strapped into his suitcase, ‘Me’ bops to club music and shouts the odd lyric he remembers from the summer tunes. Happy faces scattered upon his vest underneath a Hawaiian print shirt. Loud and British. Cyprus Sunset encompasses the love and dread of holidaying. ‘Hunger games based reality’, the feeling of being stuck on a plane with screaming children, flustered parents and grumpy singles. On his way to sunny Cyrpus, we are told of how this is the place his adulthood began, where he found love and left the lads behind. The effect many of these trips have on lairy lads and gaggles of girls.

cyprus-sunsets-the-we-plays-2A light hearted, humourous story of youth, drunken antics and holiday hell turns into a dark tale of heartbreak and true loss. Seaward floors the audience as he turns from a boisterous young boy in to a sensitive man, revealing the events that had him stripped from fatherhood. A harrowing tale, cushioned in the chaotic clubbing scene. Phil Croft’s direction of Cyrpus Sunset pulls us high with laughter at relatable memories before tugging our hearts back down with strikes of upsetting anecdotes. Developing Seaward’s character to be larger than life, mimicking accents from across Britain and bellowing out sarcastic comments creates room for Seaward to shrink, shy away from the lime light when his character’s tragic tale is told.

Simple and striking, the use of set, lighting and sound transforms the audience to sunny cyprus and enables us to travel with this tale.

After a short interval, the set has changed and we are offered a second story. Golden Adidas pumps, tartan skirt and a single viking helment, Irn Pru (Jennifer O’Neill) screams SCOTLAND. The Irn Bru goddess hands out her CVs to the audience for us to observe her skill set and wee lack of experience. We soon learn her personality is as loud as her attire. Irn’s aggressive nature, may get in the way of the Michelle Mone’s taught responses, her lifestyle guru.

irn-pru-the-we-plays-1Swearing left, right and centre, this Glaswegian girl is not to be messed with. O’Neill’s take on this character, paired with Maddock’s repeated mantra’s of Irn Bru Pru and Salt and Pepper lass, thrusts the audience into small town Scotland. A set up which makes the unexpected dark twist provoke the audience to question their initial impressions. A victim of rape, Irn Pru is left filled with guilt; afraid to speak out, her hidden secret could hush the ones before, and harm ones to come. An unjust conclusion Irn Pru finds herself at.

Hop down to the Hope Theatre for a double whammy of sensational writing, thought-provoking topics and strong performances. London theatre debut for The We Plays.

Click for Tix: @Hope

Time:  2 Hours 30 Including an Interval
Running:  27 SEP 16 – 15 OCT 16

♥ Thank you to the lovely Theatre Bloggers for the invite


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  • 14th October 2016 at 5:45 am

    Irn Bru Pru
    Still laughing now


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