Scatter of Opinion

Orange Dwarfs

Enda Walsh


Expectations: 3/5
Reality Rating: 3/5
Fidget Factor: 0.4

Lost In The World Wide Web

 A secret place to reveal our darkest thoughts and contemplate complex issues. Debating the morals behind Willy Wonka’s ‘orange dwarfs’ and accusing Britney Spears of stealing our childhood. Enda Walsh’s Chatroom shows it’s age, no longer current in a world which has moved away from the dial up tone of the internet and where Facebook, Twitter and Instagram dominate our day to day. Some of the social behaviours and outcomes from this tale are still relevant, we do our best to hold onto this fact during the production.

Chatroom2Ignoring the dislike for the play, Slam Theatre have a set of six great performers. Enjoyable to watch, Charlotte East gives a very natural performance of Eve. In a production heavily set around conversation, East keeps us enticed with an animated and expressive Eve. Charmingly nerdy, Eddie Chamberlin plays Jack in a truly British manner, each humorous line delivered effortlessly dry. Mark Teale is boisterous from the beginning, seducing us into William’s jock type behaviours before twisting into a nasty and cunning teen. Director, Hector Moyles has succeeded in bringing each of the characters to life with believable traits and mannerisms, however, the production lacks imagination. Apart from the set of movements which kicks off the production, we are left with a selection of stand still conversations. The choice to allow the actors to touch one another is confusing; the visual of a chatroom is broken down into what could simply be friends meeting. Without this barrier, the idea of each of these characters being unknown to one another is destroyed and the dangers of the world wide web lost.

The projections onto the textured wall at the back adds an interesting context and additional layers to the production. Matt Whale has created multiple visuals in an attempt to bring this production into the current day, with buffer wheels and messenger icons. Each of the chatroom names are displayed through code, a helpful aid in depicting which chatroom we’re currently seeing into.

Step away from your device and head in to the real world for Slam Theatre’s production of Chatroom.

Click for Tix:@Etcetera

Time: 1 Hour No Interval
Running:  18 APR 17 ► 22 APR 17


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  • 7th May 2017 at 5:02 pm

    I remember doing Chat Room at School.



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