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My Primadonna

Rosie Kellett

Expectations: 4/5
Reality Rating: 4/5
Fidget Factor: 0.1

One Woman’s Trauma Is Another Woman’s Ecstasy

Who knew Primadonna was going to be an biography of my life? Same name, same job, luckily not the same cataclysmic experience – poor Rosie! Vegan free. Gluten free. FOOD FREE. Memories flooded back of my own desperate pursuits for obscure dietary requirements, I must have gone to 36 shops before I found organic, freshly smoked salmon at 7am in the morning. Thankfully, I was never subject to the glamourously selfish demands that Rosie reveals during this wickedly funny rendition of her real life, true story ordeal of being a PA.

Primadonna3Sketching visions of hideous, turgid bosses and softly spoken, stupendously insufferable celebrities. Rosie Kellett has heaps of fun with the characters she simulates during this one woman show. Imagination is in abundance; my favourite interaction comes from a balloon headed stick, lovingly referred to as Timmy. Several scenes were topped off with a sprinkling of confetti, which always brings a buttery smile to my face – complete guilty pleasure.

Picking fun at her ability to pull off accents and breaking moments of character with small giggles of reminiscent thoughts, Kellett makes for a light, frolicsome and refreshingly charming performance. I despise audience participation in non-immersive theatre, but I forgive, in fact I praise Primadonna for engaging its victims and adding the pressure Kellett felt in her job to the audience.

Primadonna1Primadonna will inevitably leave you wondering ‘who’s the famous woman?’ which Kellett was legally advised to obscure the identity of. Girls in the loo afterwards were speculating; Miley Cyrus, Lucy Watson maybe? But Girls, the awful individual had children – Beyonce? KIM KARDASHIAN? Maybe if I bribe the producer she might sneak me a confession – I won’t tell anyone, promise.

To end this hilarious adventure, a speech of wisdom from young Rosie Kellett. A reality check, to chose happiness over money and fame. Delivered with ease, deeply incisive words hit the audience and remain in our thoughts beyond the exit. Kudos to director Jamie Jackson for constructing a wildly pleasing production which provokes thought and thrills the heart.

Calling all PA’s, you’re not alone. Calling anyone with a sense of humour, have your funny bones massaged. Still time left to whiz down to the Vaults and enjoy this spectacular production, ‘Primadonna’.

Time: Short and sugary sweet 60 minutes
Running:  17 FEB 16 ► 21 FEB 16

▦ Photos – Lauren Bevan

♥ Thank you to Desara Bosnja for the invite!
♥Thanks to Hilary, my fellow PA for accompanying me to this ludicrously funny production.

2 thoughts on “My Primadonna

  • 22nd February 2016 at 12:23 pm

    Another wicked production at The Vaults

  • 23rd February 2016 at 11:38 am

    Nice collage, Tim’s Eagle ha


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