Scatter of Opinion

My Morrissey

Rubber Ring
James McDermott


Expectations: 2/5
Reality Rating: 4/5
Fidget Factor: 0.2

A Lost Story, A Love Story, A Laughing Story

Sixteen years old, with the whole world to explore. So far, Jimmy hasn’t gone further than his home town of Sheringham. We join the ride as Jimmy flees the compound of the familiar and embarks on an adventure to London in search of his hero, Morrissey. Detours along the way offer Jimmy routes of self discovery. A journey of sexual awakening, or the lack of it.

Written and performed by James McDermott, Rubber Ring is full of marvellously quirky characters, from ‘Bad Breath Brian’ who fancies a good funeral and harps on about winning a quiche, to his rubberring2mollycoddling mother, ‘Good Morning Loveh’. McDermott spills energy in to the room whilst filling it with joy and laughter. Thick Norfolk accent and a wildly animated face, each section of this solo performance is electrifying. Siobhan James-Elliot’s direction and Mcdermott’s performance together make for a fast paced, exciting production; generous with comedy and intricate with feelings.

The city, where ‘people smell of money, perfume and herbs’. McDermott’s writing is ludicrously comical, stereotypes and barbaric comments presented in a harmless and humourous manner. Suggesting rock pools are Jimmy’s only place to explore his sexuality in Norfolk, Rubber Ring presents what it’s like to be gay in a rural environment opposed to the open-minded approach of the city. Jimmy repeatedly pushes against his mantra, ‘No Money, No Ticket, No Friends’ to achieve his Morrissey inspired goal. Each of the characters McDermott has dreamt up are exotic realities, from the flamboyant girl with the adams apple to Jimmy’s encounter with Grinder’s own Pudsey Bear.

Rubber Ring springs curiosity from the name alone, a perfect reflection of the context in this play. Velvet Trumpet have produced a charming, witty and engaging piece of theatre that will amuse and arrest the attention of it’s audiences.

Click for Tix: @Pleasance

Time: 1 Hour
Running: 31 OCT 16 ► 6 Nov 15

♥ Thank you to Victoria @DeadHeads PR


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