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Mad Monk Musical

A Monk’s Tale: Relics, Revolt and Reformation
James Cary
@Gilded Balloon

A Monks Tale1

Expectations: 3/5
Reality Rating: 4/5
Fidget Factor: 0.4

95 Problems and the Pope Aint One

Beginning their show with the habits and rules of a British society, the cast sing ‘Don’t start an argument or mention religion’. Immediately going against their own decree they leap into a debate about Martin Luther, The Mad Monk. This farcical production contains face slapping confessions, Monk raps and mic drops with the holy bible.

This production aims to entertain and inform; educating it’s audience on Martin Luther and the timeline of the Catholic faith. James Cary has taken biblical history and current events to make an ancient story funky and fun. There are several inside jokes for those who are familiar with christian communities and the faith’s history and texts.

A Monks TaleSeveral of the musical renditions in this production are comedy gold. A heavenly version of Steps’ Tragedy, ‘Purgatory’ is busted out. The cast cause hysterics with the last number ’95 Problems’, Jay Z’s infamous lyrics are switched up for ‘I’ve got 95 problems and the Pope ain’t one’. The cast trio work well together, keeping energy high and remaining playful with one another, as a consequence the audience to feel open to join in.

Take on an education with a dabble of rap and an echo of laughter with A Monk’s Tale.

Don’t fret, if you can’t make the Edinburgh Fringe fun you can catch A Monk’s Tale on Tour! Dates available on their website.

Click for Tix:@Gilded Balloon

Time: 1 Hour
Running:  19 AUG 17 ► 23 AUG 17

♥ Thank you to Anna for the invite
♥ Thanks to Greg for Martin Luther Z illustration

A Monks Tale

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