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Kappa Kappa Gamma

Vanitites the Musical
Jack Heifner & David Kirshenbaum

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Expectations: 4/5
Reality Rating: 5/5
Fidget Factor: 0.1

A Candy Floss Musical; Sugary Sweet, Light and Very Pink

Do you love legally blonde? Known for bingeing on Bridget Jones? Or get your groove on every time a Grease song pops on the radio? Find a new obsession in Vanities the Musical, a fabulous, feel good musical that will have you queuing at the box office to come back for more.

Vanities The Musical - Trafalgar Studios - Lauren Samuels, Ashleigh Gray and Lizzy Connolly - Photo by Pamela RaithA tale of friendship, from beginning to end with all the secrets, promises and fights in-between. Kappa Kappa Gamma – Joanne, Mary and Kathy have grown up together through high school, college sororities and adult life. Vanities the Musical reveals the real worries of young women; boys, popularity rating and hair styles. Perhaps not the most contemporary production, but it does have a strong, sassy story line and outputs some positive morals by the end. Not every show in the west end needs to drip with politics and cultural criticisms.

A complimentary trio, this troop of women are vocally delightful and hugely entertaining. Two out of three girls aced the american accents, whilst the third fell back into British a couple of times – nothing severe enough to distract the audience. Their harmonies were spectacular but the solo numbers stood out – Lauren Samuel’s ‘Fly into the Future’, Ashleigh Gray’s ‘Cute Boys with Short Haircuts ‘and Lizzy Connolly’s ‘The Same Old Music’. Each of David Kirshenbaum’s musical numbers are thrilling, thank goodness he and Jack Heifner got together to make Vanities a musical.

Lizzy Connolly’s depiction of Joanne is superb due to her impeccable comic timing and the development of a wildly outrageous character. Channel your inner bitch through the brutally honest and judgmental, virtuous Joanne – several of my laughing stitches came from Connolly’s cut throat lines and reactions.

Vanities The Musical - Trafalgar Studios - Lizzy Connolly, Ashleigh Gray & Lauren Samuels - Photo by Pamela RaithDirector, Racky Plews has had plenty of fun picking on all of the typical musical moments and lovingly mocking them for our entertainment. This is a production where over exaggeration and unrealistic interaction only enhances the performance. Plews has got the style, nature and aesthetic of this show spot on. I’m unsure how the piece was seen from the side seats, as it felt like the performance was directed forward at us throughout. Trafalgar Studio number two, is an intimate space which makes this musical up close and personal. Andrew Riley’s set is swish and cunningly multi functional yet clunky – I cringed every time one of the cast needed to move a box.

Despite this production not being refined to perfection, Scatter has awarded it five stars – you can’t enjoy a show this much and still be buzzing about it 48 hours later without something truly special being on offer. Indulge in this guilty pleasure, have effortless fun with Vanities the Musical and it’s supreme silliness and wicked wit.

Click for Tix: @Trafalgar

▦ Photos – Courtesy of Pamela Raith

Time: 2 Hours, with a cheeky interval
Running:  1 SEP 16 – 1 OCT 16

♥ Thank you to Katy Eynon @ChloeNelkin for the invite


3 thoughts on “Kappa Kappa Gamma

  • 13th September 2016 at 3:41 am

    ‘Feel Good Musical’ and it made us feel FABULOUS! – Thanks for recommending <3

  • 14th September 2016 at 3:51 am

    I’ve been back to see it twice


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