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Cut-SCREEN-9 (1)

Expectations: 2/5
Reality Rating: 4/5
Fidget Factor: 0.2

Marmite Murder Madness

I’m not afraid of the dark. Or I didn’t think I was until we were plunged in to the pitch black several times during Duncan Graham’s production of CUT. The hunted or the hunter? Hannah Norris is hostess to a set of haunting stories in this one woman show.

Boxed into a small aeroplane cabin set, within the vaults under Waterloo station. We brace ourselves after a safety warning from Norris, ‘If you need to leave, please raise your arm and use the safety word CUT’. What? Why do we need a safety word? Tension turned up to ten, we are plummeted into darkness between scenes of a spooky nature. Small, scissor waving mothers. Fish, fighting for breath, pulled apart and set on fire. Red shirt, no tie, three quarter length coat – a man, a stalker and his alarming intentions. CUT provides an adult version of Goosebumps, leaving our minds running wild with what could happen next.

Cut-SCREEN-10 (1)Playful may seem a strange word for such a dark piece of theatre, however Hannah Norris has obviously been experimenting with different ways of presenting this piece. Playful in her use of materials, Norris also makes some innovative decisions; to strip naked before getting in the shower, she applies tights over her upper body, giving a skin tone image of nudity – clever. Industrial strips of Clingfilm line the room, we are encased in to our seats by sheets of the screeching, sterile plastic.

Reminiscent of Sarah Kane’s writing, Duncan Graham has devised a play which throws us from childhood memories, back to present day snippets, all twisted and disjointed in its delivery. Going against the usual type of performance found on London Wonderground‘s line up, CUT offers a disturbing tale unlike the circus and cabaret being performed on the South Bank.

This show is definitely a Marmite situation, with plenty of the audience coming out loving it and just as many screwing up their faces with loathing resentment. You need to take a spoonful before making a judgement, get wrapped up in Duncan Graham’s writing and see if this production makes the CUT.

Click for Tix: @Vaults

Time: 1 Hour
Running:  5 JUN  16 ► 31 JUL 16

♥ Thank you to Tilly Wilson @Chloe Nelkin for the invite
♥ Thank you Greg for creating a Hunting Hostess


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