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Home Sweet Home

The South Afreakins
Robyn Paterson
@Vault Festival

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Expectations: 3/5
Reality: 3/5
Fidget Factor: 0.6

Controversial Topics At The Core

Helene and Gordon have grown old together. One half of the relationship a highly strung women, the other a stubborn man. This pair of South Africans are held captive in their own homes due to the dangers outside. After losing their son, Home Sweet Home is just a memory.

The South Afreakins Supporting Image 5Robyn Paterson plays both roles. A mighty amount of conversation is memorised, Paterson never once stumbles. Within minutes of the production, we forget Paterson is female and she becomes a convincing split between Helene and Gordon. Attention to physical detail is clear through Patersons interaction with cake, lamps and cups of tea; a shared mug held differently, cake scoffed from one mouth to another.

Controversial topics are at the core of this production. Characters comparing racism to ‘kiddism’ (when someone doesn’t like kids) highlights peoples ignorance and digs deeper into how past events effect our future outlook. Aware her behaviour needs to be unlearnt, Helene can’t get past identifying the loss of her son with a culture and a race.

Paterson speaks at such a pace, at points it’s hard to keep up with what’s being said. A few more moments for pause would be appreciated. Several blackouts leave the audience confused, hesitating to clap, expecting the end only to be stumped by another scene beginning.

As a solo performance Paterson keeps her characters clearly defined and a huge amount of energy flows through the production. I believe this play would also work well as a two hander.

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Time: 70 Minutes
Running:  15 FEB 17 ► 19 FEB 17

♥ Thank you to Chris Hislop for the invite
♥ Thanks to Greg for a decaying landscape

The South Afreakins

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