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Expectations: 4/5
Reality Rating: 2/5
Fidget Factor: 0.3

The Last Stop Is The Cemetry

Roberta Fox may write about awful, murderous happenings but her two school friends, Beth and Claudia, have taken imagination to reality and now have blood on their hands. Throwing a party before they leave for the country, this savage pair revel as they make their guests eat from the chest that conceals their deadly sin. Will they get away with their deed or be captured by their guilt?

Set in the dark arches of the Baron’s Court Theatre, we are greeted by a lifeless body drenched in gambling chips and playing cards. The perfect setting for a dark and twisted tale. Not overly familiar with Hitchcock’s work, some of the themes and influences used in this production were lost on me, however it’s clear that the uncomfortable and shocking style Hitchcock is known for has found it’s place in the heart of Nick Pelas’ writing.

HHomageThe character of Mr Bentley (Yasser Kayani) brings a delightful humour to the play with his quirky wise words and bizarre fact sharing. Uncomfortable in the presence of women, Bentley sacrifices his jittering nerves for Roberta Fox (Roxanne Douro) as he gets in to the party mood and shows her his best dance moves. Duoro’s performance of Roberta Fox oozes an essential confidence for the character, ‘The best thing I’ve written, is the best thing I’ve ever read’.

The flow of the performance is stunted at the beginning by several entrances and exits from the stage to introduce different characters, with a little more direction these first five minutes could have been a swift sixty seconds. From Hitchcock to Donald Trump, George Clooney to Colin Firth this play has a numerous amount of odd references. There are large sections of the piece that fill the production with redundant conversation and undeveloped relationships, leaving the audience confused as to why several of the characters are part of the action.

The music choices, which are used in-between scenes or at moments of isolated reflection, are obscure. It would have been great to hear some scores similar to the dramatic music used in Hitchcock’s films rather than the pop chart hits presented.

Head down in to the dark depths of Barons Court Theatre for a tale of deadly sins.

Click for Tix:@Barons Court

Time: 1 Hour
Running:  31 MAY  16 ► 12 JUN 16

♥ Thank you to Stage Theatre Co. for the invite
♥ Thanks to Greg Spong for a hunky Hitchcock sketch

Hitchcock Homage


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