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To Baby Or Not To Baby

Joanne Ryan’s production of Eggsistentialism is assembled with a mass of researched facts and opinions to make up the base of Ryan’s debate, ‘to baby or not to baby’. Begging for an emotional reaction, Ryan goes in search of a psychic to help her solve the mystery on her mind. Not only is Ryan’s one woman play about a personal decision but it also comments on Ireland’s stunted laws on birth control and beliefs surrounding sex.

Fantastically illustrated by Neil O’Driscoll, a spectacular array of coloured newspaper collages create educational and entertaining audiovisual. Images of boats swimming with condoms, cuckoo-body clocks and a stack of googled symptoms of fertility fears illuminate Ryan’s argument. It’s a shocking realisation of how outdated Ireland’s laws were when portrayed against world achievements such as walking on the moon. It was only in 2003 that the morning after pill was legalised by Ireland, and that was restricted by the sign off from a doctor – it wasn’t until 2011 that this was available over the counter. Ryan also provides figures surrounding rape laws that are simply unbelievable.

Joanne Ryan is a wonderful story teller, and although the majority of the play is interesting, it is the imagined world where they have a child at the end of the play which is most moving. This production does not only take a women’s perception into account, but also the fears and expectations of her boyfriend Rob; a balance which makes this production more accessible for a diverse audience.

Join the debate with Joanne Ryan at Summer Hall this Edinburgh Fringe.

Click for Tix: @Summer Hall

Time: 1 Hour
Running:  22 Aug 17► 27  AUG 17

♥ Thanks to Greg for Pregnant Woman Illustration


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