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Tense Vagina: An Actual Diagnosis
Sara Juli
@Underbelly Cowgate

Tense Vagina 2

Expectations: 3/5
Reality Rating: 3/5
Fidget Factor: 0.6

And, Kegel, 1, 2, 3

Seen a movie because the title sounded cool? Experimented with food because a name on the menu made you laugh? As the queue grew longer for Tense Vagina: An Actual Diagnosis the giggles started to grow. It’s only when the audience had seen the first five minutes of the show it could be recognised perhaps they didn’t read the blurb, ‘what are we watching?’. The production takes a moment to warm up, it isn’t clear what the initial movement is suggesting until later in the piece.

Sara Juli has created a show around the chaotic world of being a woman and a mother, and having a tense vagina, ‘as if life wasn’t stressful enough’. Facing taboo subjects without any ounce of fear, Juli has used movement, song, and predominantly the audience to create this bizarre production.

As a group exercise Juli has the audience kegel together, ‘and squeeze, 1, 2 ,3’. There is no avoiding audience participation in this show; booby hugs, licked faces and brushed hair – performer Juli is not afraid of breaking the fourth wall. If there even was one to begin with. One section of Tense Vagina has a dozen dildos buzz around the stage to create the background soundtrack for Juli’s movement – a visual which tickles the audience greatly. Building a family house in the theatre, Juli offers out snacks to the audience and soon the auditorium fills with the smell of quavers and other lucid orange snacks.

Constantly buzzing, never a peaceful moment, we become aware of what being a mother must be like. This production would be a perfect introduction for new mum on the reality of motherhood and honest truths about being a woman.

Warning: Not For The Strictly Prude

Click for Tix: @Underbelly Cowgate

Time: 1 Hour
Running:  22 Aug 17► 27  AUG 17

♥ Thank you to Tilly Wilson for the invite
♥ Thanks to Greg for A Mother’s Uniform illustration

Tense Vagina

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