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Cyrano’s Soul

Cyrano De Bergerac
Glyn Maxwell
@Southwark Playhouse


Expectations: 4/5
Reality Rating: 4/5
Fidget Factor: 0.1

Hilarity to Heartache

Cyrano de Bergerac, charismatic poet and heroic swordsman, finds himself in love with the exquisitely good looking Roxane. Rather than winning her heart and expressing his devotion, Cyrano cowers from his affections. Why? One hefty schnoz, which Cyrano considers too ugly to love. The introduction of a handsome yet inarticulate, young Christian de Neuvillette comes as an unexpected opportunity for Cyrano to voice his desires.

CDB1Cyrano is continually self deprecating about his nose, with a huge bill of snout jokes, he smells out every wisecrack and quip there is to be made. ‘Is the monument open to the public’ and ‘ahhh, you’ve made a perch for sparrows’ are just a couple from his range. The same nose which Cyrano claims houses his soul. The very soul an unaware Roxane longs for most.

A fantastic collaboration of women perform a compelling adaptation of this classic. Glyn Maxwell uses a convent to set the action, a story told from one nun to another. A simple set and array of costumes allow this company of actors to transform into multiple characters and transcend the audience from amorous Paris to the battlefields of Spain.

CDB2Kathryn Hunter is wildly animated, performing Cyrano with captivating physicality; a wonderfully different take on this well known character. Usually known for silently giggling, I was surprised to find myself cackling out loud throughout this production. Every character Holly Burn embodies is a comical delight. From hilarity to heartache, Sabrina Bartlett emotionally moves the audience with her portrayal of Roxane’s realisation that Cyrano is her true love, too late.

Switch up your night in with a Rom-Com for a night out with one instead. Tickle your funny bone and relax with this modern take on a legendary classic.

You nose you want some tickets – Southwark Playhouse

Time: A couple of hours with a 15 min interval
Running:  18 FEB 16 ► 19 MAR 16

▦ Photos – Richard Lakos

♥ Thank you to Theatre Bloggers for the opportunity to see this wonderful show.

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