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Expectations: 3/5
Reality Rating: 3/5
Fidget Factor: 0.2

Unconventioanl Heroes and Picture Perfect Perish

In a relationship by 21, married by 25, babies at 28 – life planned out before it’s even started. I must be way behind schedule! Georgia Tayforth questions her own time line and the right time to settle down in her writing debut of ‘Mine’. Three couples. The picture perfect. The modern Tinder-found lust. And finally, an exquisitely brilliant unconventional bond between surrogate and gay best friend. We follow these affairs through epic highs and traumatising lows.

WhoSaid00The action centres around a single prop of rope, symbolising the umbilical chord. Used to separate scenes, start tug of war and even doubles up as a pregnancy test or three – honestly, it’s impressive. Directors, Blake Barbiche and Amy Blair have packed this production with energy, finding obscure and stimulating ways to change scenes between actors. Character development could do with a little more work in some cases. We need to trust in these relationship’s plausibility to gain the true effect when upsetting moments are approached.

WST4The most genuine relationship is the hilarious and heart warming duo between Lauren and Toby. Desperate for a child, yet constantly rejected by adoption agencies due to his sexuality, Toby’s saviour comes in the form of his best friend Lauren. Casually, Lauren courageously proposes the life changing idea of being a surrogate for him. Megan Pemberton pitches an enchantingly charismatic performance of Lauren, full or charm and wit. The ease and natural flow between her and Jack Coleby on stage makes for an effortlessly entertaining watch. Spoilt for laughter, there wasn’t a single scene where this pair didn’t cause hysterics.

Who Said Theatre are keeping up their promise of producing brand new writing and continue to find exciting, thought provoking material. Explore the nifty venue at The Courtyard and embrace what’s ‘Mine’.

Click for Tix: @The Courtyard

Time: Around 75 minutes – straight
Running:  12 APR 16 ► 16 APR 16

♥ Thank you to Ethan Taylor for the invite
♥ Thanks to Greg Spong for the Oops stick

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